Things to do for secure Internet

Things to do for secure Internet
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Things to do for safe Internet


  • Shop from e-commerce sites that you trust which are indeed thrustworthy for public
  • Keep records of your purchases, keep emails.
  • Read the terms of delivery and cancellation / refund / exchange before shopping.
  • Record phone numbers or email addresses for your questions. And call them in advance to test their validity.
  • Always use an up-to-date virus program on your computers or mobile devices.
  • Set a password consisting of letters and numbers. Update your password periodically.
  • Make sure that your mobile phone and e-mail information stored on banking account is always up-to-date so that your bank can reach you in case of an emergency related to your card.


  • Do not open emails from people you don't know or messages from your Facebook/VK/LinkedIn accounts.
  • Do not use unknown USB devices or similar external disks on your computers.
  • Do not share your password with anyone, do not save it.
  • Do not share your credit card information, or SMS codes received on your phone or site information with anyone. Don't hand over your credit card to someone.
  • If you receive emails or SMS directing you to any site to enter your personal / cardinformation, do not rely on it.
  • Do not shop in public wireless networks or in the presence of public computers.


  • Please note that the link of the site you're about to shop converts from http to httpsespecially on payment page.
  • Make sure to get information for the applications you are about to download to yourdevices before using them.
  • Be cautious about fake call center calls trying to get your credit card information orpersonal information on various pretexts.
  • Be cautious of people who call you and identify themselves as lawyers, policemen,prosecutors, bankers, insurers.
  • Be sure to download the applications you will install on your mobile phone from the official app stores (Google Play, Apple Store, etc.). Programs downloaded from unofficial areas can infect your phone and seize your phone book, incoming SMS and banking information.



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